Riding facility Gut Mischenried

The horse ranch of Gut Mischenried was purchased in 1999 by the Wichmann family from a bankruptcy procedure. The then stable buildings were in a very bad condition. Being directly at the pond, the stables were regularly under water for several weeks. The horses were then kept in small, dark inner stables, an image that’s hard for us to imagen today.

More than 15 years later, all the old stables have been demolished and replaced by a modern apartment building.

The riding facility is operated by Dr. Petra Wichmann and her daughter, Carmen. The main focus of the Reitanlage Gut Mischenried is to take specialized care of the horses as well as encouraging the interest in the youth for the sport of riding.

Since horses live naturally in herds, the majority of them are therefore kept in groups in the stables with 3 to 4 other horses. Large paddocks and an innovative sheltering system characterize the stable.