Location of Gut Mischenried

Gut Mischenried is a 10-minute walk from Weßling where you will find:

  • S-Bahn, bus-station, three bakeries, Aldi (discounter), Edeka (grocery store) and the lake of Weßling with its three beaches.
  • to the lake: 1,8km
  • to the next bathing spot: 1,8km
  • to the center: 1,8km
  • to the train station / the S-Bahn: 1,5km
  • to the Autobahn: 2,8km
  • to the next golf course: 4,1km
  • to the next bus stop: 1,5km
  • to the bakery: 1,7km
  • to the discounter / grocery store: 2km

Gut Mischenried is located 592m NHN above sea level.